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On May 28, 2011, at Wembley Stadium in London, Barcelona and Manchester United's Champions League final reached the 86th minute with a score of 3-1.


Ferguson's Manchester United are known for being good at comebacks, as evidenced by the famous "Ferguson Time". For the Red Devils, the gap between the two balls is not unattainable. They have performed the miracle of the last-minute lore reversal more than once. But this time, they did not see any hope of tying the score.

弗格森(Ferguson)的曼联(Manchester United)以善于复出而闻名,著名的“弗格森时代(Ferguson Time)”就是证明。对于“红魔”来说,两个球之间的距离并非无法实现。他们多次执行了最后一刻的绝杀奇迹。但是这一次,他们没有看到将比分追平的希望。

Barcelona players firmly control the ball, constantly receiving, passing, and transferring the ball, just like in training. The gap between the two teams is not as close as the score reflects.


Ferguson sat on the sidelines with no expression, he was uncharacteristically calm, known as the "hair dryer", but his slightly trembling hands still revealed the old man's mood at the moment.


Ha Baimei, Cosmos Team, Dream Three Dynasty, Earth Defense War... How terrible was Barcelona back then? Only fans who have experienced this era can know.

哈白梅,宇宙团队,“梦幻三王朝”,“地球防御战争” ...那时的巴塞罗那多么可怕?只有经历过这个时代的粉丝才能知道。

From 2008 to 2012, Guardiola's team has won 14 of all 19 trophies, six in 2009, five in 2011, 16 consecutive victories in La Liga, 99 points in the season, and they all speak of their strength.


What kind of team is this?


With a ball control rate of more than 70% at every turn, nearly 1000 passes are sent with a success rate of more than 85% in each game, deducting the pass to the extreme. In a completely one-sided game scene, the opponent was rubbed back and forth in his own half. After a game, the opposing player can't even see the shadow of the ball a few times, and accidentally is a big score tragedy.


What kind of era is this?


The whole world is looking for a formula to defeat Barcelona, ​​and every time they lose is a headline. Even giants like Chelsea, Arsenal, and Milan have to put down their bodies, give up the ball, and retreat across the board. Stronger than the greatest Manchester United and Galaxy Warship 2.0 in the 21st century, they have little power to fight back in the face of Barcelona's pervasive penetration.


All great teams have one thing in common, that is, they have many players from their own youth training. This is true of Ajax in the 1970s, Milan in 58 unbeaten games, and Manchester United in 1999.

所有伟大的团队都有一个共同点,那就是,他们有许多来自自己青年训练的球员。 1970年代的阿贾克斯,58场不败的米兰和1999年的曼联都是如此。

In 1988, Cruyff's arrival infused Barcelona with a new soul, and the gene for all offense and defense has since flowed in the blood of the Red and Blue Army.


"In La Masia, it is a sin to lose the ball. Using brain power instead of physical power, the ball will always run more than humans." Cruyff carefully cultivated the La Masia culture and reshaped the Barcelona youth training concept. , And promoted a group of young talents with average physical fitness but outstanding technical consciousness.

“在拉马西亚,丢球是一种罪过。使用脑力而不是体力,球总会比人跑得更多。”克鲁伊夫精心培育了拉马西亚文化,并重塑了巴塞罗那青年训练的理念。 ,培养了一批身体素质中等,但技术素养高的青年人才。

They have learned and grown in the same system since they were young, and they have been influenced by the same football concept.


In 2008, when Pep Guardiola took over the Barcelona coach, he faced a team that was distracted, contradictory, and empty for two consecutive years. Gu Shuai, who was in danger, began to rebuild according to his own ideas.

2008年,瓜迪奥拉(Pep Guardiola)接任巴塞罗那教练时,他面对的是一支连续两年分散注意力,相互矛盾且空缺的球队。处于危险之中的顾帅开始按照自己的想法进行重建。

Sending away the declining dreams of Ronaldinho and Deco, cleaning up the unstable factors within the team, establishing the leadership position of the local players headed by Puyol, handing over the No. 10 shirt to Messi, and reusing Ha As the core of the midfield, Wei and Iniesta promoted a group of B team youngsters, including Pedro and Busquets, and stipulated that the dressing room must speak Spanish or Catalan, and even the dining seats were also rearranged .


Barcelona, ​​which has set sail again, has a new look and embarked on the glorious road to conquering Europe. Six crowns unprecedented in history,


However, in the view of Guardiola, a perfectionist, trophies do not mean everything. His team has not yet fully played the kind of football he wants in his mind.


Guashuai has extremely strict requirements on technical and tactical details. He always hopes to choose players who can understand and strictly implement his ideas-abandon Eto'o and Ibrahimovic, replace Yaya Touré with Busquets, and let Mascherano served as the central defender, pushing Messi to the pseudo-ninth position-to show the world his understanding of football through the game.


The starting average height is less than 1.75 meters, and there is no advantage in header, strength, and confrontation. Why does such a team with the same distinctive characteristics and shortcomings rule Europe?


Triangular pass, one kick out of the ball, interspersed transposition, short pass penetration, create space, use space...


Controlling the ball is the most critical part of Guardiola's football philosophy-insisting on letting the ball go to the ground, continuously tearing the opponent's defense line through continuous passing, dismantling the midfield structure like a bull, and forcing the defensive players to lose sight of the other until the mentality gradually Unbalanced, concentration is no longer concentrated, and the loopholes in the defense line are getting bigger and bigger. Finally, unmarked players are created between the battle lines, and they seize a momentary gap to launch a fatal blow.


To ensure that every ball-handling player has at least two or three pass options around, players on the field must continue to run out of triangles or diamonds. This is also Barcelona, ​​from the youth team to the first team for decades to stick to the 4-3- 3 reasons for formation.


"If the ball is always under your feet, the opponent will not be able to attack." Possession of the ball is sometimes a defensive tactic.


In fact, Guardiola has expressed his dislike of the term "Tiki-Taka" more than once. In his opinion,


"Recovering the ball in the 30-meter area of ​​the frontcourt, we don't have to advance 50 meters to threaten the opponent's goal." The suffocating high pressure is another label of Barcelona.


When the opponent is in possession of the ball in the backcourt, the player closest to the ball quickly forms an oppressive group, blocks the pass space route, and keeps an eye on the receiver until the ball is successfully regained. If you fail to steal the ball within 5 seconds, stop pressing and switch to defense.


Compared with the traditional retracement defense, the oppressive defense is more active and aggressive. Defence is no longer passively waiting for the opponent to make a mistake, but proactively attacking, burning the fire in the opponent's half far away from the goal, and destroying it in the initial stage of the opponent's attack.


The opponent finally grabbed the ball, the Barcelona players came up and lost again in a blink of an eye, and then watched the Habaibos start the next round of endless passes, and so on until they collapsed.


On the other hand, if the ball is regained in the frontcourt, it usually only takes one or two passes to break into the hinterland of the opponent's defense, which greatly improves the offensive efficiency. One of the reasons why Barcelona’s oppression has caused the horror is that each of their players has the ability to directly penetrate the defense line, even if they fail to create a threat in the first place, they can calmly transition the ball back to the midfield. Reorganize.

另一方面,如果在前场重新夺回球,通常只需一到两次传球就可以闯入对手防守的腹地,从而大大提高了进攻效率。巴塞罗那的压迫引起恐惧的原因之一是他们的每个球员都有能力直接穿透防守线,即使他们首先没有造成威胁,他们也可以从容地将球传回中场。 。改组。

Even if all offensive methods fail, Barcelona still has an omnipotent Messi.


In the National Derby in 2009, when Messi came to the middle for the first time as the pseudo-nine, the two central defenders of Real Madrid did not know how to mark Messi: if they step forward and follow the defense, they will leave Henry and Etto behind. O's horse gallops; if he doesn't follow, Messi can get the space to face the central defender to attack the goal. If the midfielder pulls back to assist, then Xavi and Iniesta will ask for it in the midfield.

在2009年的国家德比大赛中,梅西以假九号的身分首次来到中路,皇家马德里的两名中后卫不知亚愽app直播下载道如何标记梅西:如果他们前进并跟随防守,他们将离开亨利和埃托落后。 O的马驰;;如果他不跟随,梅西可以腾出空间面对中央后卫进攻。如果中场撤回协助,那么哈维和伊涅斯塔会在中场要求。

The name is center but does not occupy the center position. Everyone can enter the penalty area and finish the end. Jinke uses his super personal ability to attack the defense line. Reike and Habaibu form an absolute midfield control advantage. This is what happened later. An alien monster with 91 balls in the natural year. Until later, due to age and injury, his physical ability declined, and Messi was at the top of the penalty area.

名称为中心,但不占据中心位置。每个人都可以进入处罚区域并结束比赛。金科以他超强的个人能力攻击防守线。 Reike和Habaibu形成了绝对的中场控制优势。这是后来发生的事情。在自然年中有91个球的外星怪物。直到后来,由于年龄和受伤,他的身体能力下降了,梅西在禁区的顶部。

How to beat Barcelona? This is a super problem that the whole world has been studying in those few years.


First of all, you need to pray for the blessing of Goddess of Luck. Second, you must hope that Barcelona is not in the best condition, and Habaimei has at least one injury; third, your team must be proficient in defense and counterattack, and play super-level in the game; finally , Your players must execute their tactics perfectly and seize one of the few opportunities in the game.


In addition to the well-known counterattack with a bus, the famous coaches also gave their own solutions:


Hiddink: 4 defenders are in the low position, 3 midfielders block the front of the penalty area, the left and right midfielders close in the mid lane to double-team Harvey Xiaobai, cut off Messi’s connection with his teammates, force Barcelona to take long shots from the outside, relying on the overall strength to mark Mei oo.


Mourinho: Take the initiative to speed up the game, disrupt the pace of Barcelona's operation and not let it slow down, strive to drag Barcelona in physical strength, 4 defenders and 3 midfielders fight melee. Harvey blocked the forward pass and forced Messi to retreat to take the ball. 2-3 people strang Messi to interfere with his forward breakthrough.

穆里尼奥(Mourinho):主动加快比赛速度,扰乱巴塞罗那的作战步伐,不要让它放慢脚步,力争拖累巴塞罗那亚愽app直播下载的体力,有4名后卫和3名中场混战。哈维阻挡了前传,迫使梅西后撤以接球。 2-3人扼杀了梅西,以干扰他的前进突破。

Di Matteo: Attacked Alves' side and killed Barcelona's most threatening right-wing attack. Layers of fortification only stick to Messi. Drogba was at the forefront, deterring Barcelona's defense line and not daring to press on too much. After stealing the ball, he found Drogba this high point as soon as possible and caught the set ball.

迪马特奥(Di Matteo):进攻阿尔维斯(Alves)一方,并杀死了巴塞罗那威胁最大的右翼进攻。防御工事层层依附于梅西。德罗巴(Drogba)站在最前列,阻止了巴塞罗那的防守线,也不敢大张旗鼓。抢断球后,他尽快找到了德罗巴这个高点,并接住了皮球。

Allegri: Shrinking the formation width, accumulating a seven-man defense system in the center, giving up the side defense and letting Barcelona pass. After stealing the ball quickly passed the midfield, relying on Pato's speed and personal ability to attack the Barcelona defense.


Barcelona in 2011 is the team that Guardiola has the closest to his vision. Although the main lineup is invincible in the world, their bench is quite thin-they do not have the impact of Henry and Eto'o, the height of the fulcrum of Ibrahimovic, and the large-scale sweeping advancement of Toure, and some are just one. Appropriate young athletes with relatively single characteristics and lack of competition experience.


Their midfielder lacked the ability to shoot long shots in the back row. They didn’t have a striker in the frontcourt that could make a crossover with the back of the ball. They had almost no set-kick threat (at that time Messi had not developed any Ball attribute), they don't have a second 1v1 breakout point. Messi can pass one person or two but it is difficult to break through the third and fourth defensive lines. Ball possession is the belief of Barcelona, ​​but it has also become Barcelona's Achilles' heel.


Regarding Barcelona’s falling altar, everyone has their own point of view: luck (10 years of volcanic ash, 12 years of four goal posts not penalties), injury tide (Xiaobai’s attendance rate, the defeat of the defender in the last year) , The lineup is aging, the tactics are figured out, foreign aid is difficult to integrate (the system is too complicated),


When the body, motivation, and concentration were unable to remain at the peak, the dynasty came to the edge of collapse.


In the first half of the 2011-12 season, Barcelona, ​​which had advanced in the first half of the season, was defeated in a double line in just one week-the league was second to Real Madrid, the Champions League dominated but was eliminated by the Blues, Mourinho and Chelsea, exactly The two most jealous of Barcelona in those years.


When Guardiola, who was troubled internally and externally and physically and mentally, realized that he could no longer push the team forward, farewell was a foregone conclusion.


On this day, it was only a year since Wembley’s famous Champions League decisive battle...


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